Wednesday 16 November 2016


TEETH, the meaning of this 5 letter word is not only confined to its 32 elements but covers a wide range of aspects of human body; Be it biological, social, physiological or emotional your teeth play a vital and inevitable role.

It is said by George Bernard “ A man with toothache thinks everyone is happy whose teeth are sound.”

Healthy and strong teeth help you to chew your food properly thus helping you to meet your body’s nutritional requirement. Not only this sound teeth help you to grasp all your favorite food be it hard so that you can easily satisfy your taste buds and enjoy life to the fullest.

Secondly, your teeth form an integral part of the most important part of your body i.e. the face. Apart from adding diamonds to your smile they help to support all the facial structures helping to develop all the facial contours and aesthetics.

It is rightly said “ Life is short,smile till you still have teeth.”

Bright and white teeth are an important feather adorned to your personality. In this materialistic world where a person is judged by his looks straight and aligned bright teeth hold an important role and are a part of everyone’s wish list.

Another important role the teeth play is in your phonetics(speech). The sound,tone,echo of your voice is all affected by presence and alignment of your teeth.Their coordination with tongue and lips makes your voice sweet and wished to be heard.

Thus it becomes important for you to take good care of your teeth.

With all the advancements in dental science it is now very easy to maintain and achieve the color, shape and alignment of your teeth the way you want them to be. All you have to do is to make regular visits to your dentist and take good care of all your 32 pearls.



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